Students can easily access Reelae online where they can connect with their colleagues or lecturers.


There are multiple features that allow students to collaborate making teamwork seamless and effortless.


Group work has never been so intuitive and accurate with real-time contributions to an assignment.


Reelae is a revolutionary new software product that enables an educator to determine students contributions through online remote group work. Reelae provides full collaboration between students in real-time and captures valuable information once assignments are submitted through the system. Reelae is seeking to measure students contribution to a group. Whether it’s an essay or a visual presentation, Reelae will extract data from each user that will quantify their input and contribution towards the group assignment.

Why reelae?

The vision for Reelae has grown out of an increasing frustration with the limitations of today’s Learning Management Systems (LMS). The current generation of LMS’s fail to recognise how technology can increase student interactivity and utilise analytics to gauge students progress. 


We have integrated many intuitive features so that teachers and students can have a better user experience with all academic and collaborative needs met by our technology. This saves the hassle of using multiple software applications in order to accomplish given tasks within the University and TAFE learning environments.


Teachers can mark student’s attendances and rate their participation, interaction or contribution in class. The data and statistics are stored to help gauge students behaviour in class.

Students can work simultaneously in real-time, on a text document that is colour coded and tracks each group members input quantitatively . Teachers will be able to see each students contributions.

Milestones can be added and assigned to an individual or students within a group. Tasks are tracked and the progress can be viewed by the teacher in real-time or stored for use later.

The instant chat engine allows students to chat with other students within their class, staff within their institution or administrators who maintain the up keep of the Reelae LMS.

Teachers can intuitively create daily or weekly share points to share files with students. Videos, Microsoft and even Adobe files can be shared.

There are many options allowing an institution to customise their dashboard, making it a unique yet still a standardised user interface.

User can create and interact on forums that log quantitative input and encourages collaboration between students or teachers.

Reelae’s analytics engine is at the heart of every click, interaction and collaborative effort. Teachers have direct access to these stats.

Email Notifications are sent to a users email to let them know of any new activities on Reelae.


Reelae is now available for trials

The first half of 2018 will see Reelae Version 1.0 being rolled out across Sydney and beyond, for Universities, TAFE’s, private learning institutions and even online independent coaches, to trial. Whilst trialling our product, we will request customer’s feedback on their experiences and where we could improve, with regards to the functionality and feature’s capabilities. Our customers feedback will be paramount to the improvement and long term success of Reelae.



Version 2.0 is already underway!

Whilst trials are running, we will be building Version 2.0. Our aim is for version 2.0 to be commercialised towards the middle of 2019! The second half of 2019 will be focused on social media marketing, attending University and TAFE open days to demo our product and connect with potential customers.


Trialling now!

We are thrilled to announce that Reelae Version 1.0 is now available to trial. We will need your feedback to improve and to further more,

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