Students can easily access Reelae online where they can connect with their colleagues or lecturers.


There are multiple features that allow students to collaborate making teamwork seamless and effortless.


Group work has never been so intuitive and accurate with real-time contributions to an assignment.

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Reelae was founded in mid 2016. It was birthed out of the frustration expressed by teachers and students at a well known University in Sydney, that the current Learning Management System they were using lacked collaborating functionalities and useful modern features. Reelae is a revolutionary new software product that enables for the first time an educator to determine student contributions through online remote group work. Reelae is the first software product to provide full collaboration between students in real-time and capture valuable information once assignments are submitted through the system. 


Reelae does not simply enhance the learning experience; it revolutionises the way that knowledge is disseminated and encourages students in a group to contribute equally. The data captured by Reelae will assist in shaping a more robust curriculum for tomorrow. It provides a dashboard for teachers to received their student’s submissions and gauge group work contributions and other key analytics that define group work input per individual. The practice of knowledge sharing is greatly enriched and ultimately becomes far more effective than traditional group work processes.


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