Our Story

Reelae started in Spring of 2016, when two students studying at the University of Technology Sydney, decided to build software to improve learning experiences – after being frustrated with the legacy systems that they were using.

How we started

Students doing their Masters programme realized that the process to actually do and have fair assessment on their group work activities was sub-par. They set about building a software model that could ease the task and boost the accountability. In the process it was realized that the model not only provides a missing management tool for educators, but had wide and deep applications with any organisation running learning management systems. 



After our three Founders (Samson, Richard and Yivan) had brainstormed, they believed that there was a need and an opportunity to build a system to address their paint points whilst studying their Masters degree at UTS. They set off to build their first prototype



They had been mentored by three senior academic staff in the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology at UTS – whom advised the founders to trial the software in class. Feedback was given by the students and it was time to pivot!


Reelae was officially incorporated and it was time to invest into the company through bootstrap financing and giving time towards product engineering.


We started designing the user interface and user experience through the feedback we had received from the trial at UTS. This included introducing new features for student and teacher collaboration.


Reelae MVP is live and ready to test the market with free subscriptions. Customer feedback helped shape and improve the product.



Our Founder Samson was invited to pitch Reelae at the Startup/Angel pitch event sponsored by Microsoft and WeWork, in Sydney. Multiple angel investors approached Samson after the pitch, who were interested to learn more about Reelae and to possibly invest.



Three Angel investors invest into Reelae towards further product development on the web and mobile release.


Michael Walton joins Reelae as our Chief Marketing Officer.


Daniel Strassberg joins Reelae as our Chief Operating & Financial Officer.


Stuart Ryan joins Reelae as our new Chief Technology Officer.


A fourth Angel investors chooses to invest into Reelae for further product development.


We presented to Wentworth Institute including a live demo preview of Reelae and negotiated a paid pilot.


Reelae launched on the market. The aim is to work with learning institutions on paid pilot subscriptions.